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Does Blading Boutique do cover ups?

Yes & No!

As a well-trained and particular microblading artist, I prefer not to follow in someone else's strokes if I can help it. “It’s my first time having microblading done.” It's music to my ears! (Yes! Fresh canvas!) 

But just because you have had it done doesn't disqualify you.

The next best thing you can tell me is, "I've had microblading done; it healed well, and I was happy with the results. I want a touch-up now because it has faded out after 3+ years." (Sidenote: If you've had microblading done and it faded in a year or less, your skin type is likely not ideal for successful results.) ​ Then there are the 'please fix it' consultations. These are for clients who were not satisfied with their previous microblading work. If your previous artist created uneven, discolored, or otherwise undesirable brows, we can often improve on the previous work, depending on factors such as scarring, fading, and your expectations.

 Disclaimer: if your brows are already tattooed dark or wildly misplaced, you will most likely need to first seek tattoo removal.


Let's take a look at a real-life example. This client from Denver, CO, had microblading done years prior, which left her with some severe scarring. During the consultation, I was concerned with the level of scarring, but I was thankful the previous pigment had faded. Going into the procedure, she understood that due to the severity of the scarring, I did not feel comfortable adjusting the location or thickness of her brows. However, I was willing to attempt a direct coverup. This was a risky offer for both the client and the artist. Thankfully, we were both happy with the natural results of making individual hair strokes.

Old Scars With New Microblading

As mentioned, cover-up appointments can be risky for both the client and the artist. For the client, they risk a financial loss if they are unhappy with their results. Keep in mind, that these appointments are the same price as any other first-time client. Though it may feel like a “touch-up appointment” to the person once again in a microblading bed, that is not the case for your artist who is trying to bring your brows (and someone else's work) up to Blading Boutique standards. It is risky for your artist because we know that coverups are not a fair representation of our best work. Blading Boutique is not able to take on all clients. If you are a high-risk client who chooses to move forward, we hope you will tell your full microblading story when someone asks “Who did your brows?” We strive for the best and as a small business, word of mouth is everything.

Bad Microblading, Tattoo Removal, New Brows

This is why it is so important to pick the right artist! Don't settle!

The top photo was from my client's consultation and is NOT MY WORK.

She was referred for multiple sessions of tattoo removal. (Second photo)

Finally, she was ready to be Microbladed at Blading Boutique.

The bottom photo IS MY WORK on a very relieved and happy client!

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