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Understanding the Healing Process!


Day 1
"Omg I love my new brows!"

Day 2-5
They are too dark and thick!

Day 5-10
They're the wrong shape and starting to flake off!

Day 10-15
Ummm, my brows are gone...

Day 15-30
Yay, they are back...
but a little patchy.


My brows
are flawless!

Your new brows will experience different phases while healing.
For this reason it is important to time out your microblading.
(Don't have them done a week before your wedding.) 
The day they are finished they may look darker than you wanted. The next five days they will continue to darken.
Don't panic, we do this intentionally for a reason.
During the healing process your brows will flake while they are healing and lose 80% of their pigment, this is normal. 
As they scab it may be temping to pick at them, don't! 
You may see strokes flake off and become blurred, this is to be expected and why you have a free 8 week touch up!

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