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Certified Phiacademy Artist 

    How is training at Phiacademy different? To understand, we must first talk about a very special number. Throughout history, some of the greatest minds, mathematicians and theologians have pondered the mysterious relationship between numbers and the nature of reality.  The story behind the number 1.618, is a mystery known as "The Fibonacci Sequence," "Phi," or the "Golden Ratio." Golden Ratio proportions can be found throughout nature and man-made structures alike. Whether it's nautilus shells, ancient architecture, rose petals, the human face or even the shape of a galaxy... the Golden Ratio is present.

As a certified Phibrows Artist, we implement that very ratio to determine the perfect brow shape for you based on your natural facial features and bone structure.


Many other academies pass their students after only a two day course.
The Phibrow curriculum is a very lengthy and thorough
program producing the highest quality artists worldwide.

phi brows measuring.jpg

Where we stand...

Phibrows made the choice to pull out of the Brazil
and China markets because of their marketing policies.
In these countries, their products cannot be labeled
"approved" until they have been tested on animals.
Phibrows never has, and absolutely never will,
allow our products to be tested on animals.
In addition to being cruelty free, our products are also
completely vegan and free of heavy metals.

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